A Family Story

We enter the last quarter of 2020, with a new look for the ZAGAS brand. We have always supported change, that next step that allows us to reach further. 
As such, we have renewed the ZAGAS image to grow and open new horizons. A change that represents not only a new “face”, but new attitudes and approaches as well. Therefore, we are also working on our social networks as a way of establishing new connections with our public.

This renewal started with the definition of a logo: Furniture Savoir faire (Furniture Mastery). It’s 70 years of growth of a company, funded by the hands and dedication of Gonzaga Barros da Silva in 1948, in the midst of industrial design development on a Post-war Europe facing a scenery of reconstruction, that allow us to be assertive on our speech. A family business that knew how to create its own path.

We remain faithful to our knowledge but also pretend to acquire new ones. We believe in singular and plural: On the product thought and projected in a particular way, with exclusive execution details and plural for the multifaceted character of our proposals.

We are very excited for this new stage, with the possibilities and opportunities that come from it. We want this name and this image to be representative of a brand, an identity with strong and well-established traits.

It’s our pleasure to invite you to accompany the unfolding of the moments that follow, be it in our LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

ZAGAS - Furniture Savoir Faire

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